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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

9th Day of Christmas...Christmas Bucket List

Since we don't have kids I don't do an advent calendar but I do like to create a list of things I want to do this holiday season. I love spreading Christmas joy and anything that is considered festive so, I pack in as much as I can into the month of December. I thought I would share my festive bucket list for the season. Some I've already done and many items still left to complete.
1.  Visit the tree farm and get our Christmas tree
2.  Attend a Christmas parade
3.  Make cinnamon butter and give some away
4.  Decorate the house
5.  Visit my grandma and her friends in the nursing home and bring them homemade goodies
6.  Create a yummy holiday cocktail
7.  Visit Santa- I do realize I don't have kids haha
8.  Make lots of homemade treats and give all of it away
9. Order and send Christmas cards - They've been ordered and are on the way to my house then will be shipped out
10.  Pay it forward at Starbucks
11.  Invite others to our Christmas eve service at church
12.  Host  a Christmas get-together at my house.
13.  Watch Christmas movies - still many more to be watched!
14.  Christmas shopping - partially completed, still lots to do
15.  Donate to the less fortunate
16.  Attend Christmas parties- we have a few coming up
17.  Do a Christmas surprise giveaway here on the blog- coming up tomorrow guys, stop back by tomorrow!
18.  A random act of kindness, Christmas style
19.  Go look at Christmas lights
20.  Spend lots of quality family time
What I would really like to add to my list I'm not sure is really doable. I recently read an article about how locally in Oklahoma DHS is looking for families to host children in DHS custody at their house over Christmas. I would LOVE to bring these babies home and give them a special loving Christmas experience. However, we don't have kids and I just feel like that might be awkward for them. Has anyone ever done something like this? Also, I'd like to hear some festive things you are doing this holiday season, please share your ideas with me! Cheers to a festive month!
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  1. What a great list! I need to make one too, so many things I want to make sure I do before the season is over!