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Friday, December 12, 2014

Five on Friday: Holiday Edition! {Giveaway}

It is no secret how much I love this time of the year. All the magic in the air makes me feel like my mind is a snow globe! So, surprise surprise my five on Friday favorites is a holiday edition.
ONE:  Christmas Cards
Everyday I cant wait to get home and open the mail to see all the beautiful Christmas cards we've been receiving. I love Christmas cards! I leave them up way longer than probably is considered typical and I don't throw them away. Each year I just punch a hole in them and add them to a large medal ring that holds every years cards. I cant wait for our cards to come in the mail so I can hopefully get them sent before Christmas! Frustration. Last year our cards didn't arrive until the middle of January so I will freak out if that happens again! Currently also on hold with the company finding out where my cards are!!!!
TWO:  Candle Sale!
Bath & Body Works is having their sale on eight dollar 3-whick candles today! It is a one time a year and one day only sale, so don't miss it! I'm definitely planning on picking some up this evening. They make such great small gifts and they even package them all cute for you.
THREE:  Our Cozy Festive Home
I really love our house but I really LOVE it during the holidays! Every evening I cant wait to get home and turn on all our lights, light the candles and Christmas music or movies. Its like the perfect cozy cottage, but not a cottage at all haha Soaking it all up because before we know it will be time to box it all back up.
FOUR:  Warm Stovetop Spice
I tried out a new stovetop spice mixture the other night for a Christmas party I hosted. At first I couldn't smell it much but realized I had the heat too low. I just used about a cup of fresh cranberries, one cutie sized orange and two cinnamon sticks. Simmer on low but not too low. It smells pretty amazing!
FIVE:  Blanket Scarf Giveaway
Did you miss my post yesterday? I'm spreading Christmas joy and giving away a blanket scarf! Visit my post to enter! Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas Y'all!
Linking up with these wonderful ladies today, thanks for the link up!
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  1. I heard about the B&BW $8 candle sale yesterday...and was kind of annoyed that I had just ordered TEN candles through the Cyber Monday sale. I had no idea there was ever a better deal than the 2 for $22...guess I'll know better next year!

  2. Absolutely love your living room - it's beautifully decorated!! Have a great weekend!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Oh thanks for the heads up on the BBW candles! I'm going to have to go get some! Your decorations look so good! I wish we had a fireplace and mantle...someday! Have a great weekend!