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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Favorite Christmas Tradition

A week from today is Christmas, can you believe it?! Christmas brings back so many magical, loving and fun memories for me. As a child I remember many Christmas eves in Christmas pajamas, leaving cookies and milk out for Santa, twirling the extremely long telephone cord around my whole body while talking to my Grandma and spinning in circles in the kitchen from excitement. I remember years where "Santa" would give my sisters and I a special call to make sure we would be in bed on time and once he even walked on the roof while we were tucked in our beds! He of course had to come back later since our light was still on. And many of years watching Santa Radar on the news to track Santa's sleigh and visiting Santa at the local mall. So many wonderful memories! 

Out of all the special Christmas traditions my family shared I have to say feeding the reindeer was my absolute favorite. Right after we left the cookies and milk for Santa my older sister and I would always take carrots to the front yard for the reindeer. The chopped carrots would be spread throughout the yard and sidewalk just to make sure they were fed for their long night of travel. After waking on Christmas morning and rushing to the living room to find our stockings overflowing with goodies and many packages left under the tree I would always run to the front yard. Never failed, those hungry reindeer had always eaten all the carrots and usually left a few crumbs on the sidewalk for me to see. Such a magical tradition that no doubt will be passed onto my children someday. I couldn't find the picture of me putting out the carrots for the life of me tonight at my parents, just the visit with Santa.

Only one more week y'all and Santa will have come and left by this time! Do you have any Christmas traditions from your childhood or new ones that you might be starting this year with your family?

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  1. Aww, what a fun tradition! I would always leave cookies and milk and some carrots for Santa and the reindeer with a note that said "Merry Christmas Santa!" and when I woke up the next morning the cookies would be almost gone and the carrots gone, and "Santa" and "Rudolph" would have written a note back to me. So fun! :)