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Monday, December 1, 2014

Our Blessed Thanksgiving and Kicking off 25 Days of Christmas!

Back to work today but it sure was a very nice long holiday weekend. Every minute of each day was filled with festiveness and lots of family time, it was perfect.

Thanksgiving morning we had breakfast at my in-laws house while we watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade. We then had lunch there and headed to my parents’ house for dinner that evening. It was a food packed day and I loved it! My abs were sore from my pre-Thanksgiving workout the night before and I joked that they were just preparing for Thanksgiving, ruined that workout for sure. 

My little sister came over and helped me bake pies and pumpkin dip the night before Thanksgiving. My husband also got the chance to use his new apple peeler and corer and which made making the apple pies so much easier. I used cinnamon rolls as the crust and they were pretty delicious!  

My little sister face timing our older sister and niece so they could be a part of the baking too!

 Thanksgiving day I didn't take hardly any pictures of anyone besides two of my nephews. I mean they are pretty dang cute but I'm sad I didn't even think about taking pictures. I guess that's what happens when you are enjoying the day so much!

 About as good as it gets with my husband...

Cyrus was stuffed from Thanksgiving lunch hehe 

SANTA!!! I KNOW HIM!!!      My nephews meeting Santa Claus

Saturday afternoon my mom and I went to one of her co-workers farm to pick pecans. We both love to have plenty of pecans to cook and bake with throughout the year and my grandma's old pecan trees didn't produce quite enough this year. It was such a beautiful day so it was nice to be spending it outside with my mom!

Saturday evening we celebrated my little sister's twenty-first birthday with dinner and drinks. Again, I failed to take pictures. I then took advantage of Target's 40% apparel sale, again, and then headed home to start unpacking all of our Christmas decorations. I didn't do a ton of Black Friday shopping this year due to all the stores opening up so dang early, so frustrating! But I did take advantage of some online deals and got several gifts taken care of.

PS: Speaking of online shopping you can get this beautiful statement necklace FREE at Marley Lilly today for Cyber Monday with a $50 purchase!

Sunday after church we took a few Christmas card shots so I could get our cards ordered and hopefully in before Christmas this year since last year they arrived in January!  Sneak peek...

Afterwards we headed to the tree farm for our annual picking out and chopping down our Christmas tree. We picked out a slightly large tree and once we got it home and in the living room it is maybe larger than we had thought...by a lot. More to come on our tree and the farm!

I hope everyone had a wonderful festive weekend! To kick off 25 days of Christmas we will be decorating our tree tonight while we watch the CMA Country Christmas Music special! Afterwards I'm so excited to start continue watching Christmas movies! Here is the ABC Family Christmas Movie Schedule. We have already watched a couple, including Home Alone for the first of two hundred times this season! Merry Christmas you filthy animals!

"You have one month to finish the book of 2014. Make the last chapter a perfect one."
Happy December First! 

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend and all your baked goods look yummy!! I've never heard of pecan picking, but it sounds fantastic to have them on hand!

  2. Love your pictures with your nephews. They're adorable. I miss pecan picking. And love my Marley Lilly necklace! xo