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Friday, December 19, 2014

Five on Friday: Christmas Vactation Style

Today is my first day of my sixteen day long Christmas vacation, woohoo! I could not be more excited and feel more blessed to have this time off. Lots of Christmas errands, shopping, wrapping and baking to get done! I plan on trying to beat some of the crowd today in hopes everyone is still working and I can finish my shopping. That being my goal, lets get started...here are my faves this week!
ONE:  Bleeker Visits Santa
Hey, Santa loves puppies too! Especially cute ones like Bleek!
TWO:  Flannel Wallflower
Ok ladies, who is in love with Flannel from Bath & Body Works too? I was so upset to find out that this is such a popular scent and they sold out of the three wick candles SO fast this year! A sweet co-worker of mine knew how much I wanted the candle and surprised me with the Flannel wallflower for Christmas! My house now smells amazing, thanks Patti! AND how cute is the tree holder as well? Love it!

THREE:  Christmas Vacation

I mean, sixteen days off work is definitely worth putting in my top five favorite things this week! I muted my work email on my phone even, that is enough to make me smile. I plan on spending the first part of my vacation on all things Christmas as I mentioned. After Christmas I plan to get our house back in order, celebrate my mom's birthday, get a massage and pedicure and hit all the after Christmas sales as well as spend lots of time with friends and family! Pure bliss.
FOUR & FIVE:  Reindeer! Fa la la la laaaaaaaaa

I've mentioned before that I think Target is killing it this season and I pretty much want the entire store. Literally, I told my family that I would probably just love anything they picked me out from Target for Christmas. I fell staright in love with these reindeer leggings and of course went on a mad search to all four of our local Target stores to find them. They were sold out online and they just happened to being hanging on the rack in my size the second time I checked one location. I mean it was just meant to be! The mug, it took me all of fifteen seconds to decide it needed to come home with me. Tis the Season Y'all!
I hope y'all have a wonderful last weekend pre Christmas! Good luck to everyone braving the crowds like myself, cheers to getting lots done!

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  1. Your little pup is so cute! I'm going to have to try the flannel scent at BBW. I've been searching for some new wallflower scents - sometimes they all aren't the same as the candles. Hooray for 16 days off! Jealous! Have a great weekend!

  2. Target sure has been killing it!! Love your Pjs.. I love all of Targets Gold stuff.. Can't wait to go the day after Xmas Shopping!!!
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com