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Friday, June 13, 2014

My First Five on Friday!

I’ve been looking forward to posting my first Five on Friday for a long while now.  I’m excited to be able to link up with A. Liz Adventures, Hello! Happiness, The Good Life Blog and Carolina Charm and find out exactly how this all works. I've been following all of these lovely ladies' blogs for awhile and could not wait until mine was up to jump in on the fun!

Here are a few (five) things I have loved in my life lately.
ONE:   {Sparkle Out Loud}
After hearing lots of wonderful reviews from Swashbuckle & Flow about how much she loved using Sparkle Out Loud and after having a terrible time with a previous designer that I had to fire, I contacted Brianna with Sparkle Out Loud. She was great to work with! I can't say enough wonderful things about this girl. She was very efficient, amazingly timely, great communication and she does great work! I highly recommended her, thanks Brianna!

TWO:   {OPI- Koala Beary-Y}
My little sister, Caileigh, and I went to celebrate National Iced Tea Day this week with an iced tea and mani/pedi. My staple color for my toes is some shade of pink usually. I just grabbed a color they had on the shelf and ended up loving it and definitely heading to Ulta today to purchase it! OPI-Koala Beary-Y


THREE:   {Sarasota Lemonade}
I was looking for a summery cocktail to make for girl's night and decided to give this Sarasota Lemonade a try. So yummy and easy!

2 Bottles of Moscato (I used Barefoot)
1 Frozen pink lemonade concentrate
3 Cups of Sprite (I used a bottle so just poured as I tasted)
Fresh raspberries
We have a lot of pregnant ladies in our group so I cut this recipe in half. I also smashed half of the raspberries before putting them in and everyone seemed to love it!
FOUR:   {Workout Friends}
I love having friends that want to meet up to workout. It is such a motivator, a great time to catch up and fun! One of my best friends Megan and I met for a zumba class last night. How adorable and amazing is she at 26 weeks?!

FIVE:   {Hammock Relaxin'}
One evening last week I came home to this adorable hammock setup in our backyard. I've been wanting a hammock forever and I absolutely adore it. I immediately screamed "I love it!! Thank you" and disappeared to the backyard for a couple of hours. Now if only mother nature would pull it together and the rain would leave Oklahoma I could really enjoy it!

  Hammock purchased from Hayneedle.com

If you're new to all things "Five on Friday" like me and want to join in on the fun, here are the details:
Post about any five things!
Link-up at the bottom of this post.
Make sure to include the Five on Friday logo (shown below) in your blog post.
Link back to one or all of the hostess' blogs!
This was so fun!



  1. Love how your nail polish color pops out!! Also, that hammock looks so heavenly to relax on!!!

  2. I love what she did to your blog. It is super cute and one of my fave designs that I have seen. I have a girls night coming up this week and I do believe that will be the perfect drink to serve.

  3. Love the nail polish. It's perfect for summer. I bet the hammock will see a lot of love this summer. We have one and it's perfect for summer evenings!