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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thankful For...

As Thanksgiving is upon us I've been reflecting on what I am truly thankful for this year {As I bake my heart out in the kitchen today!} I'll do my very best not to seem cheesy but lets be real some of those cliche things are true. Here are some of the things I'm counting my blessings for this holiday season.

1. Kyle and Haddock
2. Our Home
3. Our families
4. Each and every one of my friends
5. We are healthy
6. My job that helps provide for my family
----Ok I think I got all the cliche thoughts out----
7. My desire to be fit and workout (most of the time)
8. Life Church
9. My love for cooking and for my mom that instilled that love into me.
10. Country music
11. Heated seat warmers in my car since it finally started cooling down enough in Oklahoma.
12. Nordstrom and Target's free shipping!
13. Oh and Amazon prime...hello Christmas shopping!
14. Zella Live In Leggings...try them, you'll never wear another pair of leggings ever. The BEST!
15. Pumpkins, seriously how cute are those little babies?! I'm so sad to have to get rid of them from the porch. And aside from being so 'basic' but everything pumpkin flavored. I will definitely be pushing all pumpkin recipes as far as I can this season.  

Hope you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving planning & daydreaming about all of the delicious food that is on the horizon! Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 

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