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Friday, November 4, 2016

Five {Four} Friday Favorites

Hello Friday!! Since I finished my last work trip last weekend for a few months I am beyond excited about an open weekend! I'm going on the hunt for the perfect outfits for Kyle and I for family pictures this weekend as well as attending a fall festival with my family. Hoping to also squeeze in an afternoon at the apple orchard Sunday. 

I wanted to do a quick Friday favorites of five four of my top go to beauty products right now.

1-  Olly Beauty Vitamin Gummies
Since I started down the road of getting my hair healthy after I cut it last I've been taking these Olly Vitamins and LOVE them! I get them at Target and take two a day. They contain biotin and vitamin C which I love. I'm now finishing month two of them and really can tell a difference in my hair, nails and even skin. If you watch Target's Cartwheel app they offer 25% off the vitamins sometimes. 

2- Lanolin, AKA the BEST chapstick EVER
Lanolin has literally been a game changer for me. Ladies, I know a lot of you are probably like woman this is for your breast not your lips. I know I know, backup. A couple years ago I had a bad reaction to a preventative medicine I got before traveling to Haiti. Since the medicine stayed in my body up to eight months this was not good. I had very severe chapped lips. Cracking, bleeding and swelling. After a few doctor visits, steroid shots, etc my doctor tried one more thing before a compound medicine was prescribed, Lanolin. Now, Lanolin is for cracked nipples while breastfeeding but I'm here to tell you, once you try it on your lips you will never use another chapstick again. After trying this within TWO days my lips were completely better after eight months of failed trials. Amazing! Since you only need a tiny bit each application the small tube usually last me about nine months. Best thing is it is also shinny so looks like gloss as well! Running joke with my family and friends, we all call it my booby cream and I have been known to even share it with strangers. Not a sponsored post but hey, Lanolin I wouldn't be opposed! I just love it SO much!   

3- Bead Head Treatment Mask
Back to my first favorite, this product goes along with it. I stared also using this Bed Head treatment mask once a week a few months ago and love it. I use it every Sunday while in the shower and have been able to tell the difference. My hair looks healthier and the ends aren't broken as they normally would be two months after my haircut.

 4- EOS Hand Lotion
I'm way late to the game on this one but I finally tried EOS' hand lotion and I'm a fan! I was a big fan of their lip balm but after my weird lip reaction that I mentioned the balm started making my lips worse. However, the lotion is awesome for me! Oh and their shave cream is also great! I scored the lotion from a pharmaceutical rep on my last work trip and will definitely be purchasing another bottle.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and I hope if you are in the south as well that you are having cooler temperatures like we are in Oklahoma, finally!

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  1. I am surprised by that chapstick.. I am going to have to try it ;)
    Chelsea http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com