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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Weekend Family Trip to St. Louis

Ah, ok y'all I have fallen off the blog wagon. I'm going to blame it on Summer. I really don't even know, so much going on worth blogging and so much content but no motivation. Here I go...trying to do better now!

Lets start off with a recap of our first family vacation in ten years. It wasn't a full family vacay because we were missing my older sister and her family and Kyle. All which couldn't go, we missed them! My parents, little sister and I headed to St. Louis for a weekend getaway a couple weekends ago. My dad is the biggest, die-hard Cardinals fan! I don't know a bigger fan and it was so fun to get to experience a game with him again. My mom scored the best seats in the house and my dad was as giddy as five year old on Christmas morning which made my whole year!
St. Louis is about a six hour drive from Tulsa and we made it in about seven hours...thanks to Pokemon Go and a few potty breaks. My little sister Caileigh was in Pokemon heaven and taught us all about the game as she even took us into a random small town cemetery for a "Poke Stop" along the way. We all had no clue but her but it was fun! 

Friday night after arriving and freshening up at our hotel we headed down to The Loop for dinner at Salt & Smoke for some great BBQ. The food was delicious and the portions were HUGE, if you go I highly recommend sharing plates. 

We had plans to go downtown for dinner and to visit the Arch but after hearing of a planned Blake Lives Matter Protest we decided the Loop was the way to go. It was packed with people walking the streets, live music and Pokemon Go players uhum, Caileigh.

We walked Delmar Street and then headed for frozen custard at Ted Drewe's. The famous frozen custard is a very known stop along Route 66 in St. Louis and was on my mom's list of places to stop in and try. They were beyond packed and obviously a very popular place for locals as well. The lines went fast and the custard was delicious!

Saturday morning we headed downtown to the Soulard Farmer's Market. And we did not get lost in East St. Louis first trying to find it, no we did not. But lets say we were so excited to find the market.  The Soulard Market opening its doors first in 1779 is HUGE and puts Oklahoma Farmer's Markets to shame. We spent over an hour just shopping to produce, hot food and spice vendors. I was wishing I could have bought lots of goodies to take back home but I didn't want to hassle with trying to keep it cool. I did test the egg rolls, delicious!

These cute little old men stole my heart as they played Bob Dylan on the guitar and harmonica. 
Once we left the farmer's market we headed over to the Budweiser Brewery.  We had planned to take a tour because only my parents had before but they were outside only tours and it was pretty toasty outside. We decided to just look through and enjoy a drink before heading to get some lunch.

I LOVE this picture of me and my dad
After we grabbed some lunch we started to head towards the stadium. We took the train to beat all the traffic and it was so convenient and perfect. It was the night of the ten year anniversary of the 2006 championship so the first few thousand people in the gate got a replica of one of the guy's championship rings. We of course couldn't miss out on this!

We saw a great game and my dad said it was the best one he's ever been to! It was close to no hitter and we won 5-0!! Thanks mom for the great seats, we had the best time! Oh and all I really wanted was dip in dots in a helmet, I got them. Yes, I'm five. 

I'm going to do a major photo dump of the trip because honestly I use this little space of mine to cherish memories so I want all these pictures here for me and my family to come back to over and over. And if you made it this far, you practically went on our trip with us!

That's a wrap ladies and gents, our weekend trip as a partial family! Stop back in tomorrow, I'll have a full recap of our recent trip to Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas!
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