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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Weekend Deep in the Heart of Texas

Since I was off work last week Kyle and I decided to skip town for a few days. We had planned on going to Nashville but when you own your own business sometimes things don't work out like you plan. So, Kyle couldn't get away until late on Thursday which left us with not quite enough time to travel to Nashville since we wanted it to be a road trip. Instead we headed South and spent the weekend in the heart of Texas. We shopped, ate, drank, visited three cities and fulfilled my Magnolia dreams.


On Friday evening I had planned ahead and made a reservation at a recommended steakhouse that was upscale and close to downtown Dallas. Something y'all need to know about me, I don't like expensive food. Don't get me wrong I LOVE to get dressed up and go out to dinner but I think it is SO stupid to spend a lot on one meal. Kyle on the other hand loves expensive food and a great steak at that. I would rather drop the money down on shoes and he has no problem spending it on dinner. Anyways, I thought I would surprise him and book us a dinner reservation at a high-end steakhouse. Totally unlike me. So, we had a wonderful, too expensive, delicious dinner at Nick & Sam's Steakhouse. Well, since we were early for our reservation we chose not to valet the truck so we could wait a few minutes after we parked to go in. We parked in a lot across the street from the restaurant which was apparently not the right parking lot and we came out from dinner to the truck being towed. We were LIVID! Long story short- we took our first every Uber ride to the tow yard and $165 and 10 minutes later back on our not so merry way through Dallas. Needless to say, Kyle was already not so much of a fan of Dallas and after this we both could not wait to get out of town.
Goodnight Dallas!
We had planned to go to the Nylo Hotel in downtown Dallas that evening for drinks on their rooftop bar and I was in such a foul mood I really wasn't up for it. Kyle really wanted to still not let it ruin our night so we headed to the Nylo. Well when we arrived it was right across the street from the Dallas police station and there were SO many people lining the streets and packed in front of the DPD that there was no where to even park. It was sad and surreal to see the DPD after last week's event. We headed back to our hotel and called it a night.
Saturday morning we headed out of Dallas and even further South to Waco. I was so very excited to fulfil my dreams of vising the Magnolia Market, Chip and Joanna's store, bakery and silos from Fixer Upper. Neither one of us had been to Waco before so it was such a fun adventure. Huge thanks to Kyle for taking me in a hundred degree heat. I plan to write a whole post about our experience at the Silos later this week. I will say, I loved every second of it!

We had Tourchy's Tacos for lunch before our silo visit and then stopped at Clint the carpenter's shop from Fixer Upper, Harp Design Co. and drove around the Waco Lake before heading back North.


We got to Fort Worth Saturday evening and stayed downtown at the Omni. We quickly checked in, changed and freshened up and then took a trolley down to the Stockyards. The Stockyards are hands down Kyle's favorite part of Fort Worth and I love it too. We had dinner, shopped in the shops and finished the night off with a few drinks at a saloon where we got to meet Tuff Hedeman {Three time world champion bull rider for those of you that don't know him...like me haha. Kyle knew him right away!}
Sunday we headed towards home stopping for a bit more shopping before making the drive home. Even with the hiccup on Friday night the weekend with my love in South was wonderful!
I snapped this while packing, I don't think Haddock wanted us to leave for the weekend.
{Sorry for the terrible pictures. Almost all the pics I took besides of the Market were from Snapchat (KrisRay3)
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