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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Ins & Out of Magnolia Market

 A few weekends ago Kyle and I took a weekend getaway down South, you can read about it here. I knew without a doubt that I wanted to visit Magnolia Market as I am HUGE fan of Chip & Joanna Gaines from HGTV's big hit Fixer Upper. As we headed to Waco, Texas I started making my list of items I wanted to be on the lookout for in the shop, places to visit in town and where to have lunch beforehand.

We arrived in Waco and I had read that there was a Torchy's Tacos in town and we are fun fans of tacos so I knew we had to have lunch there. We don't have a Torchy's in Oklahoma so tacos from somewhere new? Sign us up! We stopped into Torchy's which was just a couple blocks from the Silos, which is a part of the Magnolia Market if you are unfamiliar.

To give you the run down, Chip and Joanna had a small shop in the middle of downtown Waco, Magnolia Market before they purchased the Silos which are right outside of downtown. The Silos now are the center of their not so little corner of Webster Ave and 6th Street. The Silos aren't actually occupied but I hear they will be full soon and open to the public!

Then there is the Magnolia Market which is Chip and Joanna's store selling all kinds of home decor, fashion and Magnolia apparel and more. Chip wanted families to be able to have an experience while visiting the Silos and built an huge outdoor turf for kids and adults too to enjoy. On the HOT July afternoon we visited the turf was full of dads and kids tossing footballs, kicking soccer balls and little girls hula hooping as if they didn't have a care in the world under the scorching sun.

Lining the turf field are various food vendors so that you can also enjoy lunch or a yummy snack while visiting. Kyle and I hit up the popsicle cart and enjoy fresh strawberry and watermelon popsicles. Completely hit the spot as the temperatures were in triple digits that Saturday.

There is a beautiful garden full of fresh vegetables and fruit. The garden is complete with a small seed store for customers to purchase some of Joanna's favorite garden items. I had a nice chat with a lady tending to the garden while we were there. I asked, knowing Joanna has her own garden on their farm, what the produce was used for from the Silo Garden. She mentioned that most of it was given to local food banks there in Waco but sometimes Joanna's mom pops in for fresh ingredients for her own kitchen. A little later I saw her mom walking into the garden. So sadly we didn't meet Chip and Joanna but I did see her mom.

 Fan girling...Jo's mom. The sweet employee let me know she would take a pic with me and does it often. I just said I was fan girling but didn't need a pic with her. At least there are other crazy women out there like me hehe.

The latest addition to the Silos is Magnolia Flour which had just opened the week before we were there. This is the Magnolia Bakery that was so popular there was a line out the door. We had already had a popsicle but still waited in line just to see the new bakery and their delicious looking treats. Their cupcake line looked to die for and I heard great rants about their cinnamon rolls which we probably would have gotten one for the road but they were sold out.

The bakery was our last stop before leaving the Silos. We then headed to Harp Design Co which is the carpenter used by Joanna on Fixer Upper, Clint Harp's shop. Most of their merchandise is handmade by Clint himself. I picked up a few handmade wooden chalkboard signs.

Sadly, we completely forgot to stop by Chip and Joanna's Bed and Breakfast, The Magnolia Way. Next time, because I know I will be back! A quick stop by the Waco lake and we were headed back North.

It was a great experience, I was completely smitten and I can't wait to go back. Hopefully at some point we can snag a room at the B&B! Thanks to my great husband for being so wonderful and such a trooper while I shopped my way through the market!

Have you been to the Silos yet? Are you a fan of Chip and Joanna's?
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  1. I am headed there this weekend! I leave tonight! I had forgotten about Clint's store -It looks cute! I will be sure to check it out! :-) Also -we have a Torchy's Tacos in Norman! :-)