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Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekending in the Mountains

Last Friday morning I flew out to Salt Lake City, Utah for a work meeting on Saturday. I don't travel over the holidays for work so it had been a few months and weirdly I was starting to get the travel bug itch even if it was for work. Anyways, I arrived in Salt Lake Friday afternoon welcomed by some dreary weather. I stayed at The Grand America Hotel which was nothing short of amazing. Located in downtown Salt Lake, the hotel was decorated with the most gorgeous chandeliers I have ever seen and complete with a harpist greeting guests with beautiful sounds as they pass by the lobby.  Sidenote: I saw on Jacqui's at Baby Boy Bakery that the Altitude Summit is being held at this same hotel this coming June. I'm definitely nowhere near successfully enough in the blogland to attend this conference but YOU should, only if its to stay at The Grand America! It sounds wonderful, maybe I'll get there someday!

My room reminded me of a chic little dollhouse including a breathtaking view of the mountains and the downtown area.
Friday afternoon and evening I had free so I spent some time exploring the city. I made a quick stop by Trader Joe's, of course, where I picked up several items I've seen a few of you guys post about lately. I'm excited to try the coconut oil spray, I've heard great reviews on it. I took a walk through parts of downtown to do some sightseeing and to see their City & County building up close.   

I stopped into a local bakery...it was calling my name...oops
I tried the banana nut danish and the chocolate chuck parfiet. I did not regret the stop or my picks. The only thing I regretted was not going back on Saturday! And they had pink receipts, adorable. Its the small things hehe

I drove through the University of Utah's campus and to see the hospital. Being that I work with oncologists in the city I wanted to see this since I've been to the city multiple times and haven't visited yet. Of course they are located on the mountain and have a beautiful view.

Then I had to hit up their beautiful mall located downtown. This is an outdoor mall with a dome for the winter season. Of course I had to stop by H&M where I was able to snag a couple of great buys. I plan to share one of the shirts I got this Friday on my faves. I know our mall in Oklahoma doesn't have a view like this...

That evening we walked to dinner at a little Italian restaurant named Cannellas. Salt Lake locals, have you eaten here? I thought it was absolutely spectacular! I splurged and got the cheese tortellini with shrimp and vodka cream sauce. It was totally worth every calorie! 
Saturday afternoon we had lunch at a local diner on the corner. It was not my favorite but I think I may have just ordered the wrong thing, a gyro. It smelled of grease and you know that means it was probably good but I wasn't feeling it. 
After a few more stops in some shops and the mall, maybe another visit to H&M it was then time to actually work...wah! Then I had a very early flight out Sunday morning which came with a 3:30 AM wake-up call. A couple of my outfits from this trip. Only cause I needed to document that I actually worked some and cause I just love my new monogrammed shirt from the I Love Jewelry Boutique.

As soon as I landed home yesterday I went to meet Kyle for the late service at church and then we spent the afternoon running errands before the game. We grilled burgers, and yes it was twenty degrees here last night ha, and I made a great jalapeno popper dip! It was delicious and I plan to share the recipe tomorrow. 
After the heartbreaking loss of the Seahawks {I was only going for them cause I hate Tom Brady} and a few great commercials later I called it a night. My bed had never felt so good! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great Monday!

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  1. That hotel is adorable!! What a pretty place.. It is always nice to do a little shopping while on business :)

  2. Wow, that is so gorgeous! Such beautiful mountains and I love the buildings! Looks like a great trip!