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Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekending: South to Dallas

Last week Kyle called me at work to see what my plans were for the upcoming weekend. I didn't think much of it cause 9.9 times out of 10 this means he wants to go fishing. A little while later I get a call back from him letting me know he booked us a hotel for the weekend in Dallas. Say what?!! Ok, this is the first time ever he has just booked a weekend trip for us! Usually it goes something like lets go here, are we busy?, alright can you book us a room Kris? And we go. So, I was completely shocked and so happy that he planned a weekend getaway for us. And I LOVE, love, love Dallas!
So, two Sundays ago I got a TERRIBLE toothache. After getting into the dentist a couple days later I was told I'd have to have the dreaded root canal. I was put on a couple medicines and told I'd be much better by Friday and in a few weeks I could have the root canal done. Friday rolls around and I was literally in tears being in so much pain. The medicine isn't working, my dentist is on vacation and on Friday of course all dentists are pretty much closed. This wasn't stopping me from a weekend in Dallas. I stocked up on pain pills and we headed South Friday evening. I hate teeth. Seriously, I hate them. I take pretty good care of my teeth and because of genetics I have crappy teeth. I told Kyle we aren't having kids cause I don't want them to have bad teeth. He's blessed with good teeth so maybe our kids someday will have his. Grrrr!
Anyways, when we left home it was drizzling, twenty-nine degrees and pretty terrible outside. We arrived in Dallas just a few hours later and welcomed by seventy degrees, so glad we flew south for the weekend! One of Kyle's best friends lives in Dallas so we met up with him for dinner Friday right after we got in town at Smoke.
I ordered the bacon and egg burger and oh my goodness it was delicious! The inch thick hickory smoked bacon was delicious! I had one bite and gave it to the guys, knowing it was probably 2,000 calories per slice! Afterwards we headed over to Mash'd for a couple of drinks. Well, the guys did. The pain pills from the stupid teeth again caused me to miss out on cocktails this weekend. Thanks, teeth. Anyways, we loved this place! They are known for their moonshine so Kyle tried several different kinds and I took sips of course.
 We'll be back when I can have more than watermelon water, thanks Brandon for introducing us!
Saturday, was full of eating and shopping. Literally. I'm also a really bad blogger and apparently forgot to take pictures. But, that's what I do best in Dallas - shop, eat and drink cocktails. Screw you teeth! So, for lunch we stopped in at Kyle's favorite taco shop and had lunch. Spicy pork tacos from Fuzzy's are to die for!
The rest of the day we shopped and shopped. Kyle is such a good sport when it comes to shopping! As long as I let him go to his favorites he could care less how long we spend shopping. I really love him for that! Could my love language be shopping? He just carried around his phone on speaker phone and listened to the Bass Master Classic Weigh-In. I hit all my favorite stores and snatched up a few new accessories I couldn't live without. That night for dinner we ate at a steakhouse and had drinks at a local pub by our hotel. I mean, Kyle did obviously. Stupid teeth. I wanted to so badly go to a rooftop bar I read about in the blogging land but it was kind of a far drive and we had a late dinner so Kyle wasn't really up for it. Since my teeth are stupid I didn't press the issue but NYLO I will visit you soon!
Sunday, again shopped and ate. Surprise! Kyle hadn't been to In N Out so we of course had to let him have that experience for lunch. We finished off the day at Ikea and then headed home. Our trip to the South turned cold and icy by the time we were leaving. We knew Oklahoma had some winter weather over the weekend but we wanted to try and beat the storm that came into Texas. We carefully made our way back home to Oklahoma.

It was a fun weekend! I love to shop and eat at places that we don't have local in Oklahoma so that's exactly what we did. We'll be back Big D, we'll be back! BUT my crappy teeth will not be holding be back next trip! So, after a wonderful weekend with lots of eating yummy meals I am ready for a detoxing good week!

Oh wait, we woke up to a snow globe outside so it was another work from home day and I'll be busting out my yoga mat and hand weights tonight. Stay warm everyone and have a great week! 
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  1. Oh my gosh all that food looks so yummy! What a fun surprise getaway! Glad you had a good one and I hope your teeth get fixed up here soon. No fun. Happy Monday girl!

  2. That food looks amazing!!! Seriously. And although you missed out on drinking, watermelon water sounds pretty delish!

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  4. Yikes! Having problems with your teeth is such a bother. Don't fret, though. That may seem like a pain today, but undergoing root canal will surely eliminate that and prevent more pain from persisting. In any case, I'm glad that you still had a great time and that your pain didn't stop you from enjoying your trip. I just hope that you are faring better now. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Eunice Greer @ Downtown Dental