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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Making Getting Fit Easier

I am a strong believer that working out is nonnegotiable in my life but sometimes dang it, it's hard to be motivated to hit the gym after a long day! I have found that there are some things that make it a little easier to be motivated to sweat it out. I hope that these tips might help someone as well, all trial and error of course and completely depends on the person.
One, I try to never miss a Monday. If I miss a Monday I always, always regret it. I find that if I start out the week right then the week seems to be a little easier to be motivated. Plus, typically after weekends that's when I feel like I need a workout the most. I typically try to workout three or four times a week so usually that does not include being at the gym on weekends. Sometimes the week falls a part and I find myself there on a Friday or Saturday morning. I love a Saturday morning yoga session so that's not always bad.
Two, I try to always set my clothes out and anything I need for my workout the night before. I find if I am not rushing in the morning before work then I am way more likely to be prepared and fit the gym into my day. If it's all in my gym bag and ready to grab then I have zero excuses to not get my sweat on!

Three, something that has definitely been working for me is going to workout at slower times during the day. I know for me I am much more intimidated if I walk into the gym after five o'clock and it is packed with hardcore iron pumping men, or women. I am way less likely to branch out of my normal workout routine if this is the case. So, I've been going either later at night, on my lunch break or early a couple times a week. When its slower I've been incorporating different exercise in my routine since I'm less likely to feel like twenty people are watching me. I know they aren't but when its my first time to try something I like to do it without worrying if I'm doing it wrong. Lets just say if its crowded and something requires me to rack my weights, I'm probably not doing it. I know, I'm a baby. Anyways, I'm always wanting to try the ropes but its always so the other night I got the chance. Whew, my arms were feeling it! 
Four, I try to keep some healthy snacks on hand. Throw a couple bars in my purse, one in my desk at work with a bag of almonds giving me no excuse. If I am out running errands and start starving if I have a bar on hand then that takes care of me being tempted to pull into a drive through or pick up a crappy snack at the gas station.

Five, along with healthy snacks bringing my lunch to work. This eliminates me picking something up at a fast food joint for lunch...except for the days that my coworkers peer pressure me into the temptation! Salads with tuna or grilled chicken and lettuce wraps are my go-to-meals a lot of times. My wraps are just sandwiches wrapped in lettuce and skipping out on the bread. My salads I find myself taking the chicken we had for dinner the night before and chopping it up and throwing it in. If we have chicken, if not tuna a lot of the time. Also, I've been mixing a can of tuna, half of an avocado, a little bit of light mayo and throwing it into a spinach wrap.

Borrowed from google cause apparently I don't take pics of my water bottles, dang it!
Lastly, I've been trying to drink more water. Ah the struggle!!! I don't drink pop and I haven't in over five years but I do drink a lot of tea. So, in the afternoons when my tea runs out instead of going to get another one as a pick me up I've been bringing fruit to work to put in my water. If its flavored I find myself drinking five times as much water.

I hope that some of these tips may help you to either get motivated or to stay motivated with being fit! I know that I need lots of motivation and I don't have a workout partner so I look for it in other ways. These are just a few that have worked for me. Do you have tips that you found are good motivators? I'd love to hear from you guys! 

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  1. "Never miss a Monday." SAME.

    I had to skip yesterday (pulled something in my back) and it nearly killed me. Back at it today.

    Keep these inspiring posts coming!

  2. Love this post girl!! For me I've been struggling with drinking water for the longest time, but I've finally made it so I actually enjoy drinking water!! And yes I hate missing a monday workout!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston