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Thursday, February 26, 2015

How He Loves

I didn't write this post but I thought it was way too good not to share. This post came from Nicole over at Bloom. The original post is from a devotional she has put together, Selah. I know that I see a lot of young girls struggling with trials in tribulations as they enter the world of adulthood. Whether just graduating high school or in college preparing themselves for the "real world". I pray that this reaches someone that might be on the verge of giving their life to Christ but have maybe have had second thoughts thinking "once they have their life together." Girls, like Nicole says. You don't have to wait. God is here now and ready to love you just the way you are. His love is true, pure and everlasting. I know this is geared towards younger girls but praying it touches anyone. I hope you guys enjoy...

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