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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Weekending: Some of my Favorite Memories!

Man, yesterday was definitely a Monday and despite all my intentions on getting the weekend post up it just wasn't happening. So here I am for a late recap but it was such a good one that I didn't want to not get it posted. I love looking back here on my little space of mine and cherishing the memories so a late post it is!

On Saturday we celebrated my sister in law Randi for graduating with her MBA! It was such a fun time spending part of the day with friends and family celebrating. I am so proud of you Randi!

That evening I made it back home in time to bake a couple of strawberry pies for Mother's Day. I had never made a strawberry pie but I was so happy with how they turned out! I used this recipe but made my own crust and used the strawberries we handpicked from the strawberry field.

On the morning of Mother's Day two of my nieces and one of my nephews were dedicated at church.  It was such a special moment, love these babies!

All of us with my Mother In Law after the church service.

That afternoon we celebrated my mother in law with a cookout. It was such a beautiful day so the guys grilled burgers and we all ate and played outside for the rest of the afternoon. My nephews had the time of their life playing with Haddock in the creek and my niece Presley couldn't give Haddock enough kisses!

Happy Mother's Day to me from my fur baby Haddock! hehe

 That evening we celebrated my mom and my sister with dinner. It was such a fun time because my mom is a HUGE Paul McCartney fan and I had secretly won her tickets a few days before for his concert this summer. She was so happy and surprised, it was so perfect!

It was a great weekend with a ton of memories made with friends and family! My mom, mother in law and sister deserve to be celebrated everyday because they are such wonderful moms! I love you guys, I'm so glad each of one you holds such a special place in my heart and life!

I hope y'all are having a wonderful week!
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