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Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites: Working Out & Going to Bible Study in My Red High Heels

Hello Friday and y'all from the freezing cold here in Oklahoma! It has been a hot minute since I put together a Friday Favorites post so I thought I would share five of my absolute current faves in my life lately!

ONE: Cozy at Home

I'm so thankful that I am currently snuggled up by the fireplace and loving that I work from home on Fridays! Our state was suppose to be covered in ice this morning according to all the meteorologists but we have no ice, praise the good Lord! {insert hand clapping emoji}! Regardless it is still cold and I'm always happy to be working by the fire. 

TWO:  Going out in my Red High Heels

How HOT are these heels?! I snagged these red bow heels from Steven Madden for HALF off! Hurry, only $54! They arrived in the mail earlier this week when I was sick at home and something about them just made me feel better immediately, ha! I then promptly ordered them in the camel color because, well do I need to explain why?!

THREE: Why I'm on Social Media

I got this private message a couple weeks ago and y'all THIS is the reason I am on social media! How amazing is this?! Not for me, but for them and that God works in all ways! Made my heart swell knowing this. 

FOUR: Fitness Challenge

The girls and I at work area all doing a fitness challenge and I'm loving it! We all have different goals and motivations of course so we have one challenge for whoever loses the highest percentage of weight. The two separate challenges one were we have to put in a dollar for EACH sweet or alcoholic beverage we consume. The other is if we don't workout at least three times during the week we have to put in a dollar. The winner for each of those is who cheats the least on indulges and whoever works out the most. I LOVE a good competition so I'm all about this! The contest is over on March 1st and I'm proud to say I have lost almost 4 lbs this week, clap clap! Above is me trying a new leg workout last week at the gym. Its good y'all, try it!

FIVE: Praying to be Led AND Bible Study with Joanna Gaines!!!!

This. I'm constantly reminding myself of this lately. Sometimes I realize that I'm not talking enough and just trying to listen but it needs to be a two way communication or I'm not going to hear anything either.

Y'ALL!!! I've always said if I can't be best friends with Joanna Gaines can I just be in a bible study at least with her!!! WELL now we can!!!! Use this link to sign up to receive her new bible study starting next week! Please let me know if you sign up, I'm super pumped about it and would love to know who all is joining me!
I hope you guys have a great weekend and stay warm and safe wherever you may be at! I know for me it is going to be pretty low key with the weather being forecasted to be less than par for us here in the Okie state.
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  1. I'd rock those heels!! In the red AND the camel!