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Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites: My Favorite Blogs to Follow

Hello Friday! I'm currently counting down the minutes until 5:00 just like many of you are I am sure. But in the meantime I wanted to share my top five favorite bloggers to follow as my Friday Favorites. I always love when someone recommends a good blog for me to read and I love even more getting to know the author behind the post!
Most of these ladies I have been following for years but some not as long. They are all my favorite for various reasons. In no particular order...

ONE: Jessica at GarvinAndCo.com {Mommy Blog} 

If I can be a little biased Jessica is my favorite blogger. Mainly because she was the very first blog I started following and I've been reading GarvinAndCo.com for several years now. Jessica is a mom to three precious little girls and a wife all while running a business and creating such an amazing creative space on her blog. She is always sharing great recipes, fun outfits, her love for holidays and precious finds she has found for her girls. I will say it is so funny to me that this is my favorite blog considering I'm not a mom and a lot of time can't relate to her posts but I still read and love every one of them. Read along at GarvinandCo.com I promise, you'll fall in love with her and her cute little family too!

TWO: Brighton at Brightontheday.com {Christian Fashion Blogger}
Love Brighton at Brightontheday.com! This girl is so real, down to earth and adorable that she won me over a few years ago. A twenty something year old living in Dallas as a cute fashion blogger that just recently bought her first house. She is so amazing that not only does she share the cutest outfits but her faith in God is nothing she hides. Brighton is so transparent and shares her love for God on her blog without even thinking twice about it. She often shares her stories, devotions and God moments and I couldn't love her more for that! Check her out at Brightontheday.com because not only will you fall in love with her style you're more than likely going to stumble across a few posts when she shares her faith that you won't be able to stop reading. 

THREE: Sarah at VenusTrappedinMars.com {Sports Blogger}

Another favorite from the heart of Texas, Sarah at VenusTrappedinMars.com. Sarah is too fun! Her and her boyfriend with their fur babies live in Dallas where she is always out finding the best spots in town to have pizza and a beer. If you are planning a trip to the Big D, she is your girl! I'm a big fan of VenusTrappedinMars.com for many reasons but I am also a huge sports fan so it's always fun to come read Sarah's posts after the big Dallas Cowboys game or when she is teaching us girls how to dominate in fantasy football! 

FOUR: Grace at ASouthernDrawl.com {Fitness/Fashion Blogger}
If you are looking to find all the cutest and best athleisure wear, Grace can help! Grace at ASouthernDrawl.com  is a southern Kentucky girl that knows what she's talking about when it comes to getting fit and fashion. I love that she has a balance of fashion while also sharing her best fitness tips on her page. I'm completely jealous of her Lululemon wardrobe but at the same time she has all the cutest pairs of heels too. Grace is always so sweet to answer my three hundred questions I send her way about fitness and eating clean. 

FIVE: Sarah at OurVintageFarmhouse.com {Decorating Blogger}
I absolutely adore Sarah at OurVintageFarmhouse.com! She is such a joyful lady that is always radiating happiness in all her posts. Sarah is a single mom living in the most amazing farmhouse in Tennessee with her daughter. She is always sharing her favorite memories they are making while dancing in the kitchen but at the same time her fabulous taste in home decor. She recently started her own furniture line that is to DIE for, gimme it all! I stumbled across OurVintageFarmhouse.com just about a year ago and haven't stopped reading since. Sarah and I share the same taste in southern farmhouse decor and I'm constantly filing away decor ideas in my head for someday when I have my own amazing white farmhouse with a wraparound porch. Check out Sarah, she is on point with her home design ideas!
AND Surprise, SIX! Kate at AloneStarSouthern.com {Fashion Blogger}

I know I said five but I couldn't narrow down so I have one more! Kate at AlonestarSouthern.com. Y'all, she is the cutest southern belle and I can not get enough of her style! Again, she is from deep in the heart of Texas in Dallas and you guys probably think I only read Dallas bloggers but that's not true! I just happen to think Texas has some great bloggers! Anyways, Kate has the best southern style and can be easily compared to the queen of Southern fashion, Reese Witherspoon. She can pull off any outfit and pair it with cowboy boots in the afternoon and heels that evening and looks oh so adorable! Of course I share the exact same love for southern fashion so A Lonestar Southern is one of my favorite blogs to get fashion inspiration from!
I could go on and on sharing favorite bloggers but I'll end it here. I hope if you check out any of these ladies you fall in love with their pages as I have done. I am always looking for new great bloggers 
to follow so please share your favorite blogs to read as well!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. I always love finding new blogs to follow so I will have to check these out!

  2. You're the BOMB girlfriend thank you for including me in this incredible group

  3. This is an awesome post, I've been looking for some new blogs to follow! <3 Thanks girl!