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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Staying Under the 1,200 Mark

Today marks day eighteen of counting every calorie that goes into my mouth. A few weeks ago I realized my beach trip wasn't far away and I needed to pull it together so I started counting calories and hitting the gym extra hard. In early 2010 I began a lifestyle change and started making working out a non-negotiable part of my world and I also started using My Fitness Pal and logging all my calories I ate. I lost seventeen pounds so I knew this dieting method worked for me. So now anytime I want to cut a little weight and buckle down I start the count again. Here is what a typical day looks like for me right now...

Breakfast: Gluten free Instant Oatmeal with Flax
Calories: 180

I love starting my day off with oatmeal because it keeps me full for quite some time, gives me energy and is a quick on the go meal. I can throw this in the microwave while I'm packing up my lunch and its ready for me to grab and go on my drive to work.

Mid-Morning Snack: Plain Whole Almonds
Calories: 80 (15 almonds}

I don't always have a mid-morning snack but if I need a pick me up and something to pull me through until lunch I typically grab a few raw unsalted almonds. Almonds are high in calories but are considered "good fat" and are a fat burner.

Lunch: Half Grapefruit and Tuna Lettuce Wraps
Calories: 210 (Total)

I love this easy work lunch! I mix one can of regular tuna with half a tablespoon olive oil mayo, chopped dill pickles and a tad bit of pickle juice and black pepper. I wrap a spoonful up in a leaf of bib lettuce and have tuna lettuce wraps! Pair it with the grapefruit and I have a tasty low cal and protein packed lunch, score!

Afternoon Snack: Protein Bar
Calories: 210-245

I'm the kind of woman that will not make through a hard workout without something to power me through. My go to protein bar is the Zone Perfect- chocolate peanut butter. It doesn't have that nasty protein powder taste and fills me up giving me plenty of energy to hit the weights. It took me a bit to get over the whole 210 calories, lets be honest that's a lot when you only have 1,200! But with 14 grams of protein I know its a must! Everyone once in awhile I'll pair some fresh fruit with it.

Dinner: Sautéed Vegetables and Turkey Sausage
Calories: 310

I love this healthy and tasty dinner idea! I got the idea from an Instagram fitness post and I've made it several times since. I just cut up Brussels sprouts, broccoli and a sweet potato. Sautee all your veggies with a tad bit of EVOO and black pepper. Add in cut up smoked turkey sausage and heat through. So good and again low calorie!

Evening snack: Fresh fruit or Angie's Sea Salt Popcorn
Calories 30-70 Calories

If I am craving something and need a snack after dinner I fix fresh cut up fruit or I am absolutely LOVING Angie's Boom Chicka Pop popcorn! The lightly caramel kettled is my favorite (70 calories for one cup) and if I cant have it then I love the sea salt kind as well and only 30 calories for a cup. Perfect snack! I realize this is not the healthiest snack choice but its not terrible and just not every night...if I could remember that!

All of that totals to 1,095 calories, coming in 105 below my goal mark! Then I try to burn between 400-530 calories in cardio alone. I just ordered the Polar FT7 so I will finally be able to also know how many calories my weight lifting burns. But for now minus my cardio calories burned I net on average 580 cals for the day. If I stay on track and most of my days look like this I will lose 2-3 lbs a week. Now, if I could lose just a couple more by the end of the week. Praying to the Victoria Secret Angel body Gods for a miracle!

Please know, this is just works for me! Everyone is different so I realize not everyone will benefit from my daily routine but it might motivate just one person that needs that extra push! Go after your goals, you can do it...we can do it, together!
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  1. Those wraps look and sound amazing! I always get in a lunch rut and have been looking for something new! Might have to try those!