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Monday, May 11, 2015

A Weekend Full of Showering!

Y’all this Monday has been great, so no complaints from me today about the weekend being over! Although it was a great weekend and I was sad to see it come to an end, God is good and today has been a wonderful day! This is how my weekend went…

Friday evening I ran a few last minute errands and Kyle and I ordered in dinner before the first of many storms hit Oklahoma this weekend. It was nice to just be home and get things done around the house. Since I had been gone the past few weekends the house was in need of some serious attention.

Saturday morning I left early to head to Oklahoma City for a good friend’s baby shower. If you saw my post on Friday, here, I was going to celebrate my friend Becca and baby Adah’s arrival soon. It was so nice to see her, I’m so excited for baby A to get here! The theme of the shower was books and it was held at a local specialty cupcake and coffee shop.  Her family did a great job putting together the shower, I loved it and I think Becca did too!

I had plans to stay in Edmond for the afternoon to shop and go to church but with another tornadic storm coming through I went ahead and headed home to avoid getting caught in it. I was pretty bummed but it gave me the chance to make a couple cakes for mother’s day. I made two “Vintage” cakes, recipe found here on my Pinterest. It was a three layered cake starting with a layer of brownie and chocolate sauce, layer of white cake, layer of cream cheese icing, layer of white cake and frosted. Basically it was sinful! 

 Us with my mother-in-law

Kyle with his mom and brother and sister
Sunday after church Kyle and I went to his parent’s house to celebrate his mom with a cookout with all of the family. Kyle bought our nephew Brecken a bug catcher gun, so they had a lot of fun catching bugs together. I asked Kyle when he bought it if it was for him for Brecken and he said “well, I figured we could do it together.” Boys never grow up!

That evening we celebrated my mom with my family at dinner. Even though all of our family lives pretty close it is still always so nice to have all of us together. I am so thankful for my mom and mother in-law, I’m so glad God has put them both in my life! 

Kyle was gifted a new bike that he has been eying in a bike shop that he recently remodeled for a customer. Every week he has been going by the shop to take the bike out for a “test ride” so he was pretty excited to receive the bike as a thank you gift from the customer. We finished out the weekend with a bike ride last night…we’ll see how long he lasts when I ask him EVERY day if he’s ready for our bike ride (hehe) since I'm pretty sure he only wanted it cause it's black and green!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and every mom felt special and loved. Happy Monday y’all!
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  1. The cake looks DELISH. I hope y'all had a good time at the shower!

  2. Were you at "Cuppies and Joe"?

  3. Oh man that cake looks incredible! Sounds like a lovely weekend with your family! Glad y'all stayed safe in the storms!