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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Confession Talk

Everyone needs a little confession talk from time to time... a chance to air out your laundry, say things that are on your mind, and speak the truth! Here goes nothing, and try not to judge! 

1|| I confess that I have realized that maybe I'm not strong enough to have kids. Emotionally. Maybe I was created to just care too hard about things and never have kids. Which leads me to my next confession...

2|| I confess that I cried this morning when I dropped my puppy Haddock off at the vet to get neutered and microchipped. I did hold off until I was in the car but yep, I sat in the parking lot and cried for a minute or two before I pulled off to go to work. Update: Haddock is out of surgery now and made it just fine. I'm just counting down the hours until he is cleared to be picked up...just in case you were worried! Ha

3|| I confess I can. not. stand. turnpikes!! Here in Oklahoma, last I heard, we were second in the nation for the most turnpikes. Recently they hiked our toll to more than double at the on ramp closest to my house. Making it $3.20 a DAY for me to go to work. Oh hells no! If you know me, you know I am super competitive. Game on Turnpike Authority! I am now proud to say I've challenged myself and found new routes daily and have not paid them a dime of my money in eight days! Boom, I win! 

4|| I confess I've been doing so well with my fitness and eating healthy since November 1st. This morning I had a donut for the first time in as long as I can remember because dangit, it was a hard morning y'all! Update: my stomach was pissed!

5|| I confess that I LOVE going to bed with wet hair. There’s nothing like crawling into bed after a crazy day with freshly clean, wet hair. I love how cooling it is in the summer, and how you get to fall asleep with that heavenly shampoo smell!

6|| I confess going along with number five that I have never used dry shampoo until about a month ago. I've now used it three times and I'm really trying to not wash my hair so much. I typically shower twice a day so this was a lot of washing. It is a big challenging for me but I'm giving it a try...at least every once in awhile.

7|| I confess that I truthfully don't know if I know exactly what it looks like to trust God. There have been a few times in my life that I HAD to trust God with things whether I wanted to or not...but looking back at even those times...I don't think I have ever fully given up something to Him and wholeheartedly put ALL my trust in Him. I feel like I've always tried to hold on to just a little bit of
control. Something I'm VERY much working on in my life right now.  

8|| I confess that great conversation is super sexy! 

9|| I confess that I am completely loving the new velvet trend! It took me a hot two days to get on board and I'm in, full force! Something about velvet just says 'class' to me. Planning a post soon with the new velvet booties I just got in the mail to carry me into spring this week. 

10|| I confess that I am my own worst critic. I set the bar WAY too high for myself in most things and I'm not quite sure what my definition of "success" really looks like. I'm terrified of failure and it scares me so much. 

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