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Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Favorites: Spring Fever

We are officially 9 days away from Daylight Savings Time and 17 days away from Spring! It is safe to say everything I have my eyes on or in my shopping cart is screaming spring! I have rounded up my top five favorites this week and they are all so fun!

1:  Kate Spade Lemon Tumbler...because how cute is this?! I think it would be the perfect tumbler to use this spring and summer. Plus I have the perfect skirt to match so I basically have to buy it, right? Going into my cart now!

2:  Velvet Booties...I know these are somewhat of a stretch but I am completely in love! This pair from Target is a dupe for a Steve Madden pair that are $85. These cuties are much cheaper! It hasn't taken me long at all to get on board with the velvet trend this year. To me velvet just says class. I think these booties would be great to carry into spring. How about you, are you loving or hating the velvet trend?

3:  Brunch Hat...I have been CRAVING this great brunch spot here in Tulsa for a few months now. They have biscuits and gravy that are to DIE for so when I spotted this hat my mouth immediately started watering thinking about it! But really though, how cute is this hat to throw on over that day two hair and grab a mimosa with the girls! 

4:  Clinique Crayola Lip Balms...How fun  is this collaboration between Clinique and Crayola?! These moisturizing colored lip balms by Clinique are perfect. I feel like I need to fill a whole crayon box full for my purse, so cute!

5:  Picnic Blanket...I have my picnic basket and blanket already ready for the season but once I saw this cute picnic throw from Target I've been thinking maybe I need two picnic blankets...I mean there might be a weekend I have two in a row and one is already dirty. I will surely need a backup...wait I already have two. Hmm the heck with it, I still want it! Who loves picnics too?!

Wish me luck this weekend as all of this might be coming to my doorstep or to my target buggy! What spring favorites are you loving, please share! Happy weekend, y'all!

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