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Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekending: Rooftop and Tomato Style

This weekend felt so good as I had NOTHING on my agenda that HAD to be accomplished. It was so wonderful! After last weekend being jammed pack with work, a garage sale and a baby shower that I helped host for my sister in law this weekend was much needed. 
 {Isn't his lip pucker so cute? ha he was making of fun of me for asking for a selfie}

On Friday evening I had a few errands to run including Target where I picked up these super cute wedges that look far more expensive than $33! Then Kyle and I ran to a local restaurant in Broken Arrow for dinner, the Rooftop. We had never been there and surprisingly the heat had calmed down some so we wanted to dine on a patio. We enjoyed a couple drinks and pizza and enjoyed the view and weather. It was so nice! If you are local to the Tulsa area, check out downtown Broken Arrow. It is one of our favorite spots to go now. Lots of local shopping and dinning!

Sorry for the overload of Snapchat {Follow me at KrisRay3} pictures but lets be honest...life happens and instead of the blog on my mind for pictures snapchat was.

On Saturday Kyle had a very early morning fishing tournament so I headed over to my parents for my first pool day. Somehow I forgot that I did NOT have my base tan and spent four hours out on the water floating around scorching myself. I'm a nice lovely shade of tomato now and holy cow, OUCH! But if I am being honest again, happens every summer because I'm so dumb! Haddock had his first swim and it was just so darn cute! He didn't hate it so that makes me so excited! We just ordered him a tiny little life jacket so we can take him out on the boat next week. Despite his little terrified look on the flamingo he says thanks to Helene for our new super adorable float!

Yesterday we went to church, lunch and ran a few errands before binge watching The Ranch on Netflix and sadly we finished it and its KILLING me already, I need to know what is going to happen!! Is anyone else watching it? We love it! We are also watching my little sister's pup Sadie while she is on vacation. Haddock and her get a long well but it is so funny, they literally have been fighting over this ONE toy like children. They just sit and wait for the other to drop it so they can snatch it up, all.day.long! It is actually pretty dang cute so I had to share.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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