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Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekending: Father's Day & Fun Times

This weekend was full of greatness and one that I really wished wouldn't have come to an end so quickly. I know all weekends are that way but you know those really good ones that you just want to hold on to? This was one of them! Friday evening Kyle and I ran several errands and grabbed dinner and our first snow cones of the season! {Side story} for those new around here Kyle and I don't have kids and we just recently got our first puppy, Haddock, a couple months ago. Well we were at Pets Mart getting Haddock a tag made for his collar and in all seriousness Kyle says "I'm going to get another one that matches and have it say 'Haddock's Dad' and put in on my keys" O M G, I DIED laughing! It was the funniest but also the cutest thing ever and in that moment I thought man, I can't wait to see what he's like when we have kids!

Saturday morning we woke up to a complete change in the recent weather for here in Oklahoma, instead of a very humid hot morning it was a cool(ish) breezy and overcast morning. We headed out early and picked up doughnuts and headed to the local farmer's market. By the time we made it halfway through the market it was already hot, humid and super sunny. We picked up some fresh kale, homemade dog treats and beautiful fresh flowers! I was amazed that my beautiful bouquet was only 5 dollars, score! Afterwards we ran a few more errands before heading home. Kyle went night fishing with some buddies that night and I went to a friends birthday get together.  

Haddock is really going to be a water puppy and I love it so much! We're water people so I'm so excited for him to join us all the time...I know, dog mom! haha

 Winning at life

Sunday after church Kyle and I met my family for brunch before going to see his dad and spending the rest of the day in the pool at my parent's. It was a such a great day and I'm so glad we get to celebrate having such a great dad and also a great father in law! Kyle and I ended the weekend with him grilling stuffed jalapenos and I threw together a pine nut and arugula salad and we had dinner on our patio.

Now it is Monday and we are all anticipating the arrival of our niece's arrival any time now! I hope all of you have a wonderful week, XOXO!
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