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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Living Life to the Fullest Each Day - My Aunt Glenda Taught Me to Use Aqua Net

This morning we said see you later to my sweet great aunt Glenda. As our family filled in the extremely packed sanctuary this morning I looked around to see so many faces. Faces of family some I see regularly, some I hadn't seen in years and some I've never seen. There were members of her church, friends, people of the community and local school, old classmates and so many others among the family that came to celebrate Glenda's life.   

My aunt was 69 years old and never met a soul she didn't love. So you can imagine how many people were there in her honor. As I took my seat with my family I began to think. Aside of how broken my heart was to be at her funeral but also how broken it was for my own life. My precious aunt was taken to her forever home so early on and without little to no warning. She suffered from a heart attack just days before you passed from this world. She had no idea that she would spend her very last weekend on this earth with my cousin and their friends shopping. She didn't know that night when she went to bed that would be the last night she slept next to her husband of one day shy of their 50th wedding anniversary. 

With all these thoughts filling my mind as I sat there listening to many sing beautiful songs, read poems, remind all of us what an amazing woman Glenda was with stories and tributes I also thought about my day to day life as well. What am I missing out on? Why am I letting silly things allow me to hold grudges or be hurt? Life is too short y'all and I know I know everyone always says that but it IS! I don't want to be going to my forever home with broken relationships, words left unsaid or memories unfulfilled. 

I want the people in my life to know that I love them, I want grudges let go and I want to make the most memories I can each day! I'm promising to myself to just love from this day forward!  Loving everyone, always. 

Precious aunt Glenda, I will always remember your laugh, smile and warm hugs. The first lesson I remember you teaching me was to always use Aqua Net hairspray as you ran me to the local general store as a first grade little tot. I was dressed in my blue frilly dress and my hair was styled so high it could be seen in another county. You thought I needed a few more sprays before I was on the field and under all the lights for the big Berryhill homecoming that night. I was so excited as I was the flower girl for my big cousin Missy's homecoming court. I may not still use Aqua Net as you taught me but thanks for teaching me this last lesson today, I will forever remember. See you again, I love you!

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