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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Black and White and Little to No Grey

Black and white and little to no grey...I've been told several times that I have little grey in my life. True statement, I tend to love something so very much, I'm obsessed and I can.not.get.enough OR I despise it, I hate it, no way, get.it.out.of.my.life! This describes me to a T! I mean sometimes I try to work on it and then I think, is it a bad thing? Nah. Then I go on loving or hating whatever. This creative little post on my space was inspired by Helene's at Helene in Between from her 'Things I Live for Post' and Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars from her 'Blank Over Blank' post. So, I thought it would be fun to tell you a little more about the little lady behind Miss Southern, ME! 

I'm 100% completely obsessed with anything girly...monograms, bows, pink, heels, lip gloss, big totes, ruffles and pearls.

I can not stand sushi.

I LOVE Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Upper. Like IN. Love. I recently just discovered the show on Netflix and can not be more excited that season 2 is coming out in April! I mean, I have HGTV but would like to watch them in order, because I am crazy. However I feel like I'll give in soon. My birthday is next month and I want to celebrate by going to Waco to visit their shop, Magnolia Market at the Silos. And yes, I do realize this shows that I am turning 31.

I hate the color orange. I own one dress that could be seen as orange but I promise it is coral! ;)

I recently got in a wreak and when the girl hit me she sadly totaled out my car. People I loved my car, it was perfect and paid off! Sadly I was on a forced hunt for a new car however the hunt was short lived, thankfully. Because I know exactly what I love I knew I wanted another Acura and black on black. I found my new car within twelve hours of finding out mine was totaled. It is almost exactly the same as my old Acura but new! So, I love Acuras and lets just go ahead and say I obviously hate change!

I love fresh flowers but despise fake flowers and plants.

Love Twitter, hate Facebook.

Hate the taste of coffee, love the smell of it! I wish I liked it though, I really do. Hot chocolate on the other hand, love.

Love Chipotle, hate Qdoba.

Completely drawn to any pretty entertaining and dinning or kitchen dish. My favorite is going to TJ Maxx or Homegoods and strolling the aisles looking for a beautiful or adorable kitchen item I don't have already. Like these bowls, once Jessica posted them I.had.to.have.them! I mean HAD to have them! Problem, West Elm was sold out and not restocking. Thankfully I swiped this almost identical set  off Amazon before they sold out as well. Year made.   

Can't live without iced tea, gag on any iced tea made with the same filter as coffee. Y'all know the kind you get when you go through the drive-thru and you just KNOW they made a pot of coffee just before they brewed your iced tea? You can almost see coffee grinds floating in your drink...gross!

Swoon over anything copper plated or dipped. {Insert heart eyes emoji}

Nothing makes me happy like browsing the aisles of Target like there are endless hours to do so. 

Get me out of Wal-Mart forever.

I could live in sundresses for the rest of my life, my closest if full of them! And I could go the rest of my life without wearing tennis shoes again. (I do realize it would be hard to workout or hike or anything but besides those times, no thanks.)

Loved Blake and Miranda, hate Blake and Gwen.

Will stop dead in my tracks for a good lookin' pair of cowboy boots and will turn my head at anything that has a skull and crossbones on it.

Bring me all the baby goats and I'm one happy Southern lady!

I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me a little better and have a great day!
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  1. Blake and GWEN... VOMIT.
    No Doubt "Spiderwebs" came on the radio the other day. Changed it immediately. MIRANDA FOR LIFE!!!

  2. Man, reading this I feel like we are sooo similar!
    Copper. Chiptole. Fixer Upper (so glad to hear season 2 is hitting Netflix soon, no cable here).