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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Trip to Beautiful Utah

The past two weekends I spent away from home and in two completely different but wonderful places. First I headed to Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah and it was nothing short of amazing. Y'all come back tomorrow to see where I spent this last weekend.
My trip to Utah was a very quick weekend and I would be lying if I said I wasn't hoping that my flight would be canceled on Sunday from the snow storm that hit the state while I was there. Spoiler, it was not. Bummer! 

Image via Grand America

I stayed at the beautiful The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. This hotel is a dream, I'm really kicking myself for not taking more pictures and just snap-chatting it. They didn't miss one detail while building it. Side note, this is the second time I've stayed here and I thought for sure it was built in the seventies. I was told it was just built in 2000 for the Olympics. Crazy, I would've never guessed. Anyways the hotel is complete with a candy and toy store, the cutest bakery lined with colorful macaroons and the most perfect cakes and cake balls. To top it off they have a harpist in the lobby and beautiful chandeliers everywhere you turn. Truly magical! If you are ever going to Salt Lake City, stay here! 

Friday after arriving and checking in I got caught up on some work and then headed over to one of my favorite malls located just a couple miles from the hotel, City Creek Center. It is a beautiful indoor/outdoor mall located right in the middle of downtown. I hit all the stores we don't have in Oklahoma with Nordstrom and H&M first on my list. Afterwards we spent the evening sightseeing, snapping pics from the mountains and having dinner.
Saturday morning we headed to Park City for breakfast and more sightseeing. I got to Park City about four times a year and typically the weekend I end up being there is either before or after the well known Sundance Film Festival. I didn't realize until just days before I left that we would be there on the same weekend as the film festival was taking place...celebrity sightings possibly?! I was so pumped! I'm the girl constantly throwing my head around in airports looking for a glimpse of a celeb. So after breakfast we headed to Main Street area to try our luck of actually finding a parking spot. We weren't planning on attending any of the films but wanted to walk Main while doing some shopping, hot chocolate sipping and celebrity looking. Sadly, I drove around all over town for more than an hour looking for a spot to park or even shuttle into town and wasn't successful. So, we just drove through Main street while I tried to creep all the sidewalks for a glimpse but sadly, again, no luck. It was still fun to see all the hustle and bustle. Maybe next year...

Afterwards we drove to the Park City Canyons where we typically ride the gondola in the summer and fall when it isn't ski season. Since out of all the trips I've been on to Utah I have yet to see it covered in snow  and by this time the snow storm had rolled in and beautiful huge and fluffy snowflakes were covering the mountain, I HAD to ride. I just wish I would've had more time to actually ski. Again, maybe next year...

I was absolutely content with riding the gondola up and down the mountain while sipping hot chocolate and taking in the breathtaking views. After several trips up and down the mountain I had to make one last stop before leaving. This barn is my very favorite part of Park City and my favorite barns of all barns. It was magical to see it covered in snow this trip.
That evening we then headed back to Salt Lake City for dinner and to prepare to leave early in the morning. While driving to the airport I still was holding on to a slim chance we'd get snowed in. Then we boarded the plane and that hope disappeared and the reappeared for a short few minutes when we had to be deiced twice before we could take off. Then we were off and I am already dreaming of April when I will return.
"What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness."
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