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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Heart on My Sleeve

A few weeks ago I came across this adorable shirt and fell in love after I saw the heart elbow patches. It was one of those 'I must have this' shirts for me. After spotting it on a website and seeing that it was sold out I quickly started my search. I ended up finding it on Amazon Prime for a fraction of the price the original boutique had it listed for, twelve dollars y'all! Unfortunately it is sold out in the red right now but they do have navy and watch for the red to be back in stock. Plus they have raised the price some but I'm sure after this week it will go back down. The reviews say it runs small but I am wearing a medium and think the fit is great. I think this might have to be a repeat outfit for Sunday morning church.
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  1. Very pretty and a great find! But then again, you could wear a gunny sack and look cute.