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Monday, August 10, 2015

Life Lately

Hello y'all, believe it or not I am alive just haven't been around this little space of mine. I could give a million reasons why I haven't posted but in short I'm just not motivated. I haven't felt like sharing, being creative or even like I've had enough energy to login. BUT I miss this space and I miss y'all so I'm working on being back more!

Here is a little of what has been going on in my world lately...lots of travel for sure. But lots of great times as well as some down times. Right after my last post, mid-July, I went to Sun Valley, Idaho. I stayed at the Sun Valley resort for the weekend and had an amazing time. Spent some time shopping and just relaxing at the resort. Unfortunately I backed up my phone recently and cleaned out all of my pictures without thinking I haven't shared any on here. So, I was treated to a wonderful dinner and a ticket to see an Olympic style ice skating show at the resort one evening but I sadly don't have any of those pictures to post. Here are a few of the trip.

The very next weekend I was back on another plane to Park City, Utah. I was fortunate enough to stay at the Montage at Deer Valley resort. It was hands down the best experience I've had at a resort in a long time. I didn't want to leave. I was treated as VIP or a celebrity the entire time and not to mention the views were very spectacular. I will share more on this stay soon. I was there for a board retreat but had a little down time to hike. After reading that the hike to Blood Lake from Dashing Darling was a great hike I had to go. I spent a couple hours hiking to the lake and just relaxing while I took in all the views. How awesome is our God to create such a beautiful world. Here is a few snaps from my trip to Park City.

Last weekend I spent part of the weekend in Oklahoma City for work and part of it celebrating, late, my sister-in-law's birthday. Since I clearly don't have my life together I didn't take any pictures of this.

I recently received a new necklace from Trust Without Borders and I love it! "She knew she could be brave because she was his." Inspired from Isaiah 43:5. Y'all check them out on Instagram if you get a chance. I posted about them here too but I love their purpose. For every purchase made they donate a necklace to a cancer patient. How awesome is that?!

Lastly, my new favorite addiction...fresh mint raspberry lemonade. I'm growing keeping fresh mint alive sort of on my patio and its been great to add to any and everything. Throw in a few leafs into your lemonade and you'll thank me.

I hope y'all are surviving the rest of summer...if you are in scorching temperatures like me here in Oklahoma. Dare do I even say I'm almost ready for fall?

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  1. That sunset is incredible! Love the photos!
    xo Southern Style

  2. I like that necklace, beautiful message behind it too! That sunset is breathtaking :)

  3. Totally understand, I haven't been posting as regularly either, just not feeling it lately! Such beautiful places, looks like you're having a wonderful time!