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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jump, Jump, Jump Around Featuring: TKO Sports

The summer months are so brutal in Oklahoma especially with the temperatures at their peak in August. Mix in the high humidity and it makes for very hot days around here. Which makes it extremely hard for me to be motivated to get my workouts in after work. Stopping at the gym is the last thing I've been wanting to do but the scale puts some pressure on me making my butt get in the gym.

Thankfully we have received a break and the humidity is down and temps are back out of the triple digits making things a lot more bearable this week. Since we aren't all melting as soon as we walk outside I have been spending the evenings outside enjoying the break. Last night my sister-in-law Randi and my new two nephews were in town so after my workout I stopped by in-law's house to see them all.  My nephews were playing outside and since Randi and I were already in workout clothes we decided to have a fun workout together.

We pulled out the TKO jump ropes and burned a few calories while having a little fun outside. Randi's favorite workout is jumping rope and I honestly hadn't used a jump rope in my workout in quite some time so it was so fun to change it up. We pulled out another rope to use and it was much more light weight than the TKO soft grip rope. After trying both ropes I definitely preferred the TKO rope. I started out with the other and couldn't figure out why I couldn't get the hang of jumping and after switching to the TKO rope I felt much better about myself. Whew, I thought I had lost my touch! The TKO soft grip jump rope is light weight but still weighted making it much easier to get more reps in. The handles are soft and ribbed for easy gripping making the rope not slip.

 Since I was still wearing my Polar watch I tracked that I burned a quick 75 calories in 15 minutes of jumping. Add that to the calories I had already burned that evening at the gym I quickly decided that I will be adding jump roping to my workout daily. It will be a great way to spend some time on the patio or in the backyard, add a few more burned calories and a great at home workout when I cant get to the gym for a workout.

Brecken had a great time "jump roping" with us. He couldn't quite get down how to jump through the rope but he was too cute trying. He just jumped and shook the rope, hey that works buddy! We had a little cool down yoga session together afterwards. And working out in your underwear is always a great idea y'all!

You can find the TKO soft grip rope and other TKO Sport products at Macy's. I like that the line is affordable and others different styles of each product. 

This TKO jump rope was sent to me by TKO Sports in exchange for my honest feedback, all opinions are my own. 
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  1. So much fun! You guys look like you're having a blast while staying healthy :)

  2. Jumping rope is one of my favorite things to do at the gym! Love that rope you got! xo, Biana