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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Confession Talk

1|| I confess that I get really anxious over things I cannot control...I’m a huge worrier and I realize that helps nothing and it drives me crazy. I really wish I could work on this but I’m just not even sure where to start.

2|| I confess that I wish I was more of a morning person but I’m just not. I wish I could wake up bright and early for a morning workout and in time to cook a good breakfast all before work. BUT I’m lucky just to get up and ready to be on time to work. 

3|| I confess that I am my own worst critic. I set the bar WAY too high for myself in most things and I'm not quite sure what my vision of "success" really looks like. I'm terrified of failure and it scares me so much. 

4 || I will gladly confess that I love shoes... like a lot.

5 || I confess that people that people that don’t take the time to say “thank you” or “you’re welcome” drive me absolutely insane. I think it is completely rude! It’s the small things with me.

6 || I confess that sometimes I forget to tell the people that I love that I do in fact love them... something I need to be more adamant about doing. I know that words of affirmation is definitely one of my top love languages as it is also for many others.  

7 || I confess that a lot of times I will start a post but I’m just not sure how open I want to be on here for the entire world to potentially see. Then I get nervous and delete the draft.
8 || I confess that my eating habits lately have been sub-par and it shows... yes I'm working out and doing great in that area, yet I know I will never get the results I want if I am consistently saying yes to carbs, dessert, and my other fav foods.
9 || I confess that I’m not a fan of Kendra Scott. *Gasp* I know I know, unpopular opinion. I do think a couple of her items are cute but for the most part ahh not a lover. 

10 || I confess that I am way too trusting. I never think about being in a bad area of town by myself or leaving valuables alone where they shouldn’t be left. I’ve got to stop that!

Anything you've been wanting to share and/or confess!?

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  1. I am a total worrier too AND not at ALL a morning person! I have tried to be a morning person and it has not worked for me so far!