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Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Outfit: Featuring Kushyfoot

This weekend my mother-in-law invited me and my sister-in-laws to join her at their church's Women's Gala on Sunday evening. I was excited to accept the offer to get to wear a fun dress and have a great time with family. I picked up this gold and cream cocktail dress from Target during their Black Friday sale for only seventeen dollars! You can still get it half off with their bogo half off sale on clothes and accessories. It was pretty chilly last night so I wore a pair of the new Kushyfoot shaping tights, which were awesome because they have a massaging sole on them and this classic black Express blazer.

 Downtown Jenks is always such a beautiful area of town but I really adore it during Christmas time. The streets are lined with wreaths, each storefront window is lit up with beautiful lights and with fresh tree trimmings and Christmas lights draped over bustling Main Street. My sister-in-law Randi and I picked up Starbucks and enjoyed the festive scenery before heading to the Gala. 

By the end of the night was really thankful for the massaging soles on my Kushyfoot tights. I also loved that the tights aren't as thick as leggings but also aren't as thin as pantyhose so I wasn't afraid all night that they might snag. 
We had a wonderful time at the Gala. We enjoyed a great dinner, festive Christmas entertainment, wonderful company and lots of laughs. I'm thankful for each of these ladies!

My little sister also kindly informed me that this cocktail dress makes me look pregnant, thanks sis! So, I also received a pair of the Kushyfoot Fleece-lined tights that I will be pairing with a more slimming outfit, a long knit sweater and booties. I truly love these Kushyfoot products, I promise you wont regret checking them out!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

These products were sent to me by Kushyfoot in exchange for my honest feedback, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. You look so cute! Absolutely love that dress and what a deal!