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Thursday, September 14, 2017

About Me in Three's

My goodness y'all, I did not intend on taking a three month break from my little space here but...life happens. I could make a list of excuses a mile long for why I have been quiet but I will sum it but by saying I was flat out just too busy. Lots of travel and work this summer and then my site design became encrypted so I needed to fix it before I made an appearance. But I'm back! For now. I'll try to be around more often because I just know so many of you have been wondering where I've been...sarcasm. 

I saw Biana over at B Loved Boston and a few other bloggers do this fun post a couple of months ago and thought it would be fun to do as well. I always love learning new things about bloggers I follow so hopefully you guys enjoy this!

Three favorite foods: Mexican of any kind, shrimp and peanut butter.

Three things I'd never give up: Drinking iced tea, wearing leggings and using lanolin (for breastfeeding mothers) but for chap-stick.   

Three favorite cocktails: White wine, Titos and cranberry juice or a margarita.

Three favorite movies: All time favorite is Sweet Home Alabama and then You've got Mail or Legally Blonde. 

Three favorite simple pleasures in life: Getting a fresh mani or pedi, taking my nightly shower (I shower twice a day) and taking a drive down my favorite road during any season and seeing the trees bridge over the road either in full foliage, covered in snow, budded for spring or bright luscious green.

Three things that are always in my car: Phone charger, umbrella and reusable totes for the grocery store (which I rarely remember to actually use).

Three things I always have with me: Phone, lip gloss and purse/wallet. 

Three things I regret doing / not doing: Not getting my masters degree right after finishing my undergrad, not skipping more classes in college and not taking more risks! 

Three most recent places I traveled to: Fairhope, Alabama, Destin, Florida and Park City, Utah.

Three most often used makeup products: IT under eye concealer, Urban Decay bronzer and better than sex mascara.

Three things that make me cry: Everything. Literally I cry a lot. But things that without a doubt I cry over are mistreated/rescued/homeless animals, baptism Sunday at church and when men cry, I cry.  

Three things that make me smile / laugh: This answer could get very typical/cliche easily so I'll with the not so predicted answers. When I use the restroom at home Haddock, my dog, always stands to the left of me next to the toilet. haha as a dog mom I find it to be the cutest thing. It always makes me smile when seeing old couples walking hand in hand. And without fail I laugh every time I see a guy at the gym in tights/leggings (without shorts over them).

Three places I want to visit inside the US: New York City, Savannah, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Three places I want to visit outside the US: Banff, Canada/Lake Louise, Italy, Ireland and Fiji cause I couldn't pick just three. 

Three blessings in my life: In order to not sound cliche again...having a dishwasher, man I hate hand washing dishes! Having family and friends that have gardens and share their fresh veggies with me and for a strong body that allows me to exercise.  

Now your turn! Can you relate with me on any of these? Happy Thursday, it's almost Friday y'all!

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