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Monday, April 23, 2018

Thunder Up! Blue Eyelet Dress and Orange Clutch

Off-the-shoulder Eyelet Dress (Under $20!) // Fold-Over Orange Clutch c/o Polished Prairie // Sunglasses (Color Brown/Black) // Jeffrey Campbell Wedges
We are all "Thundering Up" today in the state of Oklahoma! The OKC Thunder are playing the Utah Jazz tonight in game four of the playoffs and we need a win to stay well alive in the playoffs!  So, in honor of the big game tonight I'm showing my spirit today in this blue eyelet dress  (you guys will NOT believe how cheap this dress is!!) and carrying one of my favorite spring accessories, this bright orange fold-over clutch from Polished Prairie! 
Polished Prairie is a local boutique out of Stillwater, Oklahoma and most of their items for sale are hand-made and designed by shop owner, Anna. How awesome is that? I'm a big advocate of shopping local and supporting the small businesses in my state but love even more that these items are created with such talent! Even if you aren't local, check out their boutique here cause they do ship! Also loving this bow clutch
All my Okies, do you have big plans for the game tonight? My non-Thunder fans, did your team make it to the playoffs this year? Who are you rooting for? Thunder Up!
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Friday, April 20, 2018

My Friday Favorites!

1// Clear Clutch/Bag 2// Joanna Gaines' Cookbook Magnolia Table (Pre-order) 3// Dolce Vita Lace-Up Sandal 4// Opalhouse Floor Pillow 5// Sole Society Ruffle Clutch 6// Steven Greece Slides 
7// Opalhouse Taco Holder

What the what?! Yes, a blog post! I can't hardly believe it either. Let me just give y'all a quick update...last fall I got a new job, yes it has been amazing and I'm loving it, BUT I work from home full-time now and busier than ever. That's a whole other blog post but all this to say is the LAST thing I want to do is come back into my office and sit at the computer in the evenings. Hence why things are radio static from me around here this year. I truly miss blogging and I want to have more time for it but until I find that balance I'm just poppin' in to share some of my favorites right now!
ONE: this clear zip clutch/pouch is so good for travel especially! I picked one up after gifting one to a friend and finding out how much she enjoyed it. I've been using it to help keep things organized in my large carry-on tote while I travel. It also comes in a slimmer version that would also be just as handy.
TWO: I AM SO EXCITED for this cookbook!! If you know me well you know I'm a BIG fan of Joanna Gaines so her cookbook, Magnolia Table, has been on my list to grab for quite some time now. Right now it is just out for pre-order but it will be released to shelves this coming Tuesday! My sister in law pre-ordered it for me for my birthday so I can't wait to get it. First up, I plan on making her biscuits!
THREE: How cute are these lace-up bow slides from Dolce Vita? They come in several different colors and I'm swooning over all of them! I think they are a perfect sandal to transition into spring.  

FOUR: Y'all, have you checked out Target's new line, OpalHouse, yet? I'm loving it as it has that Anthropologie look but at a fraction of the price. This huge floor pillow comes in several colors at a great price...now to just find the need for it and space for it in my house....

FIVE: Because if you put ruffles in front of me, I buy them. How stinking adorable is this ruffle clutch? Comes in three colors and could easily be dressed down or up. 

SIX: Man, how cute are these slides? They also come in several colors are all the rage this season, I see them everywhere! I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out but I currently have about fifteen pairs of sandals on my wish list so I'm trying to cut that down a bit, eek. 

SEVEN: Another favorite that I picked up from Target's OpalHouse collection, these taco holders. They're at such a great price point and SO cute that I couldn't help grabbing them this week for taco night. How fun would they be for celebrating Cinco De Mayo too?!

Ok ladies and gents, that is all from me today. YAY, we made it to Friday and I'm so excited to do a lot of relaxing this weekend! Have a good one, y'all!
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Monday, January 8, 2018

Spring Shopping!

 I don't know about you guys but as soon as the Christmas tree is down I start thinking about all things spring. However; I'm not ready to say goodbye to winter as I'm still loving the cold nights and all the snugly outfits that it brings but I do have my eyes on quite a few items for spring and many that will be great to transition into spring with.
1: Bamboo Tote, y'all this was all the rage last year in the land of bloggers and I could not understand it. I hated the tote but I think my hatred towards it had a lot to do with the price tag..coming in at close to $200! I just couldn't wrap my head around it...however I have found a perfect dupe on Amazon, found here, for under $50! And just like that, my love for the bamboo tote began. I know, I know so not practical but I love how different it is and thought it would be a fun addition to my outfits this spring and summer. 

2: Linea Paolo Wedge Booties - these have been on my "to purchase" list for months. They are definitely not my 'normal style' but something about them, I just love! I think these will be a great transition from winter to spring and will be fun to dress down but also dress up some. Safe to say these will be coming to my doorstep soon! 
3: Market Backpack, {insert all the heart eye emojis}! This is for sure one of those things I do NOT need but MUST have! I saw it on Amber Fillerup's blog last spring and have literally had it marked as a favorite since. It's not something I know I will get a l ot of use out of, which is why I haven't pulled the trigger yet. BUT I do know that I will be so perfect for Saturday morning trips to the farmers market this spring! Who else thinks I need it?! I think we allllll do!
4: Lululemon Swiftly Tech Shirt, another item that has been on my list to buy forever. I'm a big fan of razor back tanks for working out but I have only heard great reviews on this top and want to try it out. Do you own it? If so what do you think, yay or nay?

5: Plush Pajamas, now these are the PERFECT pajamas to transition from the cold nights to the warmer mornings come this spring. This outfit is less than $40, comes in multiple colors and looks so cozy! I have it added to my basket and will be ordering today! The top would be too warm for me, personally, to sleep in but with a tank underneath it would be perfect for the cold evenings before bed. I work from home so on mornings I have very early morning conference calls I love throwing on a comfy top to take my calls before showering. I know this outfit will get lots of use in the next few months.

6: Lace Free People Bralette Another that is already in my cart! I have a big love for bralettes and love to wear them under sweaters or tops with an off the shoulder sleeve. I think this one is the right amount classy but sexy. Great transitional item too, another under $40! 

7: Quay Aviators: Ok, who owns a pair of Quay? Do you love them? Last year I bought one ten too many pairs of sunglasses so I've resisted getting any more for now but I know this spring I will grab another couple of pairs and I think I want to try out a Quay pair. I think they're so cute but wondering how comfortable and durable they are. Let me know if you have a pair, please! Also, is anyone crazy like me and only wear their aviators in spring and summer? For some reason I always just think they look better with warm weather outfits on me, haha ok only me?! Ok.

What are some of your spring favorites that you have your eyes on or have already ordered? Please share, I love hearing from you guys!
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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Our Family is Growing...

If anything can bring me out of a major blogging hiatus it is BIG news that I want to share...
I'm going to be an aunt again!!! I am so happy to announce my older sister, Amber and her husband JD are pregnant! As I sit here and type this post tears of happiness stream down my face. I'm completely overwhelmed with how amazing and big our God is.

This has been a long road for my sister and JD and we are all so thrilled with the news that our family is growing. No offense to any of my other family or friends that are mommas or that made me an aunt but I have never cried happier tears than when we found out Christmas evening that baby Miller was on their way! Without sharing anything too personal we have all prayed for this baby for a very long time. This is just a true testament that God works on his timing and his timing only. 

Christmas evening we were celebrating with my family and my sister and brother in law's house. We had just opened all of our gifts when my sister and niece Jada said they had one more game they wanted us to all play. Amber had two boxes and Jada passed out these scratch off little Christmas cards to everyone. We were told to scratch from left to right and all at the same time. If we matched the three Christmas ornaments then we won one of the gifts. So I have two of my ornaments scratched, and matching, when my mom starts FREAKING out! I was thinking 'Oh my gosh, what did she win because I am about to win too!?' Then my little sister starts screaming and I got to the last ornament that read "Baby Miller Arriving August 2018." I lost it, just bent over bawling tears of joy and praise to an amazing God for bringing us all this miracle.

A lot of you might not know but Kyle and I don't have kids, nor does my little sister Caileigh and then Amber and JD have my niece and nephew Trey and Jada which are my sister's step kids of course. So, this will be the first blood grand baby for my parents and the first time my sister and I are an aunt by blood. My parents have been waiting for this day for a very long time as we all have of course but they were on another level.
You can see from the video below how excited we all are...I'm not in it because I ducked down crying as soon as saw it on the card haha! 

 "For this child I have prayed." 1 Samuel It was an amazing Christmas and will be an even better 2018! Congrats sis and JD, thank you for making me an aunt again, I can't wait to meet you Baby Miller!

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Haddock's Holiday Photo Shoot with West Elm



Every year our local West Elm location hosts a holiday photo shoot for customers and their fur babies and every year I have somehow have missed it until now. I happened to think about it randomly on the day it was being held last week and I am so glad I did. Haddock was the star of the shoot and loved every minute of it! He may or may not have been bribed with a treat... Merry Christmas, super early, from Haddock and I!  
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Thursday, September 14, 2017

About Me in Three's

My goodness y'all, I did not intend on taking a three month break from my little space here but...life happens. I could make a list of excuses a mile long for why I have been quiet but I will sum it but by saying I was flat out just too busy. Lots of travel and work this summer and then my site design became encrypted so I needed to fix it before I made an appearance. But I'm back! For now. I'll try to be around more often because I just know so many of you have been wondering where I've been...sarcasm. 

I saw Biana over at B Loved Boston and a few other bloggers do this fun post a couple of months ago and thought it would be fun to do as well. I always love learning new things about bloggers I follow so hopefully you guys enjoy this!

Three favorite foods: Mexican of any kind, shrimp and peanut butter.

Three things I'd never give up: Drinking iced tea, wearing leggings and using lanolin (for breastfeeding mothers) but for chap-stick.   

Three favorite cocktails: White wine, Titos and cranberry juice or a margarita.

Three favorite movies: All time favorite is Sweet Home Alabama and then You've got Mail or Legally Blonde. 

Three favorite simple pleasures in life: Getting a fresh mani or pedi, taking my nightly shower (I shower twice a day) and taking a drive down my favorite road during any season and seeing the trees bridge over the road either in full foliage, covered in snow, budded for spring or bright luscious green.

Three things that are always in my car: Phone charger, umbrella and reusable totes for the grocery store (which I rarely remember to actually use).

Three things I always have with me: Phone, lip gloss and purse/wallet. 

Three things I regret doing / not doing: Not getting my masters degree right after finishing my undergrad, not skipping more classes in college and not taking more risks! 

Three most recent places I traveled to: Fairhope, Alabama, Destin, Florida and Park City, Utah.

Three most often used makeup products: IT under eye concealer, Urban Decay bronzer and better than sex mascara.

Three things that make me cry: Everything. Literally I cry a lot. But things that without a doubt I cry over are mistreated/rescued/homeless animals, baptism Sunday at church and when men cry, I cry.  

Three things that make me smile / laugh: This answer could get very typical/cliche easily so I'll with the not so predicted answers. When I use the restroom at home Haddock, my dog, always stands to the left of me next to the toilet. haha as a dog mom I find it to be the cutest thing. It always makes me smile when seeing old couples walking hand in hand. And without fail I laugh every time I see a guy at the gym in tights/leggings (without shorts over them).

Three places I want to visit inside the US: New York City, Savannah, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Three places I want to visit outside the US: Banff, Canada/Lake Louise, Italy, Ireland and Fiji cause I couldn't pick just three. 

Three blessings in my life: In order to not sound cliche again...having a dishwasher, man I hate hand washing dishes! Having family and friends that have gardens and share their fresh veggies with me and for a strong body that allows me to exercise.  

Now your turn! Can you relate with me on any of these? Happy Thursday, it's almost Friday y'all!

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Seersucker Summer Dress


Shop My Outfit
Seersucker Off Shoulder Dress {Only $26!} // Steve Madden Nude Heels
Straw Bag {Forever 21 but sold out online- can be found in store}Similar Here
Kendra Scott Earrings
I am completely obsessed with anything off the shoulder this season! I live in dresses during the summer so pair off the shoulder with a dress and seersucker, this dress was practically screaming for me to buy it during the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale! The sale is over BUT this dress is still marked down 40% making it $26, such a steal! 
It is super comfortable and easy to dress up as I did or switch out your heels for sandals and you have a great casual look to grab dinner on the patio. It is light and breezy making it the perfect Oklahoma summer dress to bare the humidity here! 
I grabbed this straw tote for $24 in store at Forever 21 and I can't wait to take it with me on a beach trip in a couple weeks. It reminds me of a bag I had when I was younger and I couldn't love it more!   
PS these beautiful peonies are finally in stock at Trader Joe's for everyone that was on a search like I was! I hope y'all had a great weekend and an even better week! 

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